As an athlete or someone who wants to lose weight and start to build lean muscle, it is imperative that he or she adapts a healthy eating guideline to suit your nutritional needs. For example, as a bodybuilder to have optimal muscle growth, they will need to have a good very high protein bodybuilding diet plan.

The more you build lean muscle, the faster you burn fats. The rationale behind this is quite simple, lean muscle actually burns fats. When you build lean muscle, your body is comparable to a well-oiled engine that keeps on burning calories (and fats) for long hours even after you finished your workout.

For many people the benefits of gaining lean muscle mass are huge. By building muscle, you automatically reduce your percentage of body fat and look good too. To build muscles, you could lift weights or do strength training. If you lift weights, you can build muscle mass, or you could try swimming, running, or even walking for equally good results. Strength training exercises use resistance such as weights to strengthen the musculature system, and improve muscle tone and endurance. By these exercises, your muscle size and tone and muscle strength increase, just as your tendon, bone and ligament strength also do. It also raises your self-esteem and confidence.

Strength training also improves your physical performance by increasing the size of the muscle, its strength and endurance. Your body weight may remain the same, but your muscle tone and metabolism may give you a firmer and fitter look. Strength training also helps prevent muscle loss associated with the aging process. So far it’s all looking good! You can use a combination of weight training and cardiovascular exercise before eating to help maintain lean muscle mass.

If you continue to do strength/weight training exercises in conjunction with a Refuel diet you will soon achieve a very lean muscle mass and increase your BMR. This means you can condition your metabolism to work more efficiently even in a state of rest. A Daily Refuel diet plan of lean protein such as chicken, turkey, and lean beef, helps you build that all important muscle and shed that unwanted fat.

Train hard, eat well and achieve your goals day by day!